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This is a picture of the youngest son (of 4), Grimes Holcomb Jr. hooking up his Rambler to head for the 1955 Darlington 500. He managed the shop. He is a member of the Nash Car Club.
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.In 1954 Harford Nash Sales in Aberdeen Maryland purchased two new Rambler 2dr sdns and put them on the NASCAR short track circuit. Nash supplied narrowed Ambassador rear ends for these cars. They were very successful except when they ran tracks greater than 3/4 mile. Last year during NASCAR's anniversary, in one of the old films they showed you could see one of the Ramblers pass by. This was at the Darlington 500 in 1955. I have a few pictures on disk. If you folks are interested maybe we could put them on the web page somewhere. There are about 10 photos. If any of you remember the sidebar article in the Mar 57 Motor Trend about the Rambler at Daytona with the 327 engine that the editor drove, these are the same guys. Bob Wilmoth #1383

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