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1938 Nash

The older gentleman is Grimes Holcomb Sr. and his son Gene.

Grimes is the founder of Harford Nash Sales and Gene (2nd son) was a mechanic.

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More Racing Photos of the 54 Ramblers.

These are pictures of one of the Nash coupe's that Harford Nash Sales here in Aberdeen used to race. The picture shows the owner of the dealership with one of his son. This was in 1949-51. These cars were raced at NASCAR sactioned tracks such as Mason Dixon (US RT 1), Lancaster PA, Wilmington Del, West Port MD, and northern VA. They did real well. Nash sent them blueprints of the engine because everyone thought they were modified, and they had to prove they weren't. I remember a spindle problem. It was the right front. This one would lift the left front off the ground about 6" all the way through the curves. We also had trouble breaking left rear axles. Ended up with a 3/4 ton Ford truck rear under it.

AH.........those good old days.

Bob Wilmoth #1383

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