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Original Bill of Sale, from 1926.
This may not be clearly visible to everyone, so I will try and point out some
of the interesting parts of this contract.
On this bill of sale, notice the word "Oldsmobile" is crossed out and Nash is written above, and Model 264.
Also of interest is the car number, 334029 with motor number 217023.
It is generally thought that during this period both engine and car serial number were the same.
At the bottom of the contract it states that E.W. Shoemaker is trading in an Oldsmobile 7 Passenger (No Year).
$550 for trade-in is being credited to the purchase price of the Nash. Price of the Nash is $2275.
The Shoemaker's are placeing a $1425 cash deposit on the new car purchase.

Hi: I found some old photos of cars that my Father owned. I also found some bills of sales.
I believe that this car was a 1926 Nash. I will send a copy of the bill of sale
. If you could verify this car I would appreciate it.

Thank You,

Mike Reilley Jr.


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