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1929 Nash, Model 461, Advance Six, Serial number 469382, Gary DeYoung, Florida

The model 461 is called a Cabriolet. It's a convertible coupe. Unlike a "roadster", it's windshield frame is fixed, and will not fold down / forward on the cowl. Nash didn't offer a Roadster in the 1929 Advance Six line, but did in the 1929 "Special Six" line of cars, which is the medium sized series. There wasn't a "Victoria" body type in the 1929 Advance Six line either, but again, could be found in the 1929 Special Six series.
This Cabriolet has the optional seven lug disc wheels, with spare on back. Note the narrow width of the door and compare that to one of my photos of a 460 coupe, which has a much wider door. Body builder Seman Body Corp. did this to maintain the structual integrity on their Cabriolets. It can be a bit tight getting in for a large or tall person, but the solid feel of the body is unlike many cabriolets from other body manafactures.
As with all the model 461's this car has a rumble seat.

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