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1929 Nash, Model 467 Ambassador, Advance Six, Serial number 485480, Gary DeYoung, Florida

The model 467 Ambassador rides on a 130" wheelbase. It's a four door sedan, but unlike a model 464 sedan, there is no window in the rear roof quarter panels. On a model 464 (that's a seven passenger sedan with two rear "jump seats"), three windows are seen in a side view, here we have two. The feel when sitting in the back seat of this car is one of privacy and security.
The "landau irons" (those S-shaped arms on the side quarter panels) are fixed, as is the roof.

All 467 Ambassadors have a trunk on back, it's part of the body not added to a trunk rack. A model 463 (two door sedan) has the same trunk design.

This 467 has the optional Budd wire wheels (five lug), with spare tire on back. The motor numbers for the 1929 Nash Advance Six cars begin with 335302 and end at 379700. The crankshaft in a 1929 Advance Six motor rides on a 7 main bearing block and enjoy a pressure fed lubrication system. The camshaft rides on four main bearings, also pressure fed. These motors are different from a 1928 Advance Six which didn't have Twin Ignition. The 1930 version of the six cylinder motor is also different. If a replacement engine block is needed for a 1929 Advance Six, it can only come from one of the 44,398 engines built that year, few of which remain today.

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