1929 NASH

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1929 Nash, Model 461, Advance Six, Serial number 457745, Gary DeYoung, Florida

This model 461 Cabriolet (convertible coupe) has the Royal options package of dual sidemounted spares and luggage rack on back. The wheels are five lug by Budd. The driveline is rebuilt and I use the car often. However I will get to the body painting later as it currently has it's original paint, pinstripping and convertible roof material. This has provided many helpful details for the restoration of my other Cabriolets.
The Advance Six has a 278.4 cubic inch overhead valve motor with seven main bearings and fueled by a Marvel updraft carburetor. A three speed transmission and semi-floating rear axel with a 4.5 :1 ratio. This was the first year for Twin Ignition and the new fish scale design Nash badge on radiator, bumpers, hubcaps, etc. The wheelbase is 130".

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