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1929 Nash Advanced Six, Rumbleseat Coupe.

Model 460R, Advanced Six.

. It came from New Zealand originally and is a right hand drive car.
It is a 1929, 460R sport coupe with rumbler seat, luggage rack, dual side-mounted spare wheels/tires,

running board step plates and kick plates, original tires (except spares) and mostly
original paint and with only 21,000 original miles on its odometer.

Dr. Jack T. Combs, Jr. #1757

This is very interesting......... Nash / Seaman Body didn't offer the golf bag door untill 1930.
None of my three 460's or any other's I have seen have the golf bag door.
The seaman Body Master parts book makes no reference to it untill the 1930 models.
The 1929 Nash options booklet makes no mention of it. When it did come out in 1930 it was on the right side of the car. The rumbleseat step plates were on the right side also.
I guess your car being a right hand drive for export is the reason.
I would guess the locking door handle was on the left side of your car too.
If your car was a late built, high serial number I would wonder if they started adding the golf
bag door late in 1929, but your car was built midway in production. Even then,
I would have a footnote in my revised body book published in 1931.
Very interesting indeed.

Gary De Young #6196

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