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1929 Nash, Model 460, Advance Six, Serial number 359185, Gary DeYoung, Florida

The model 460 coupe rides on a 130" wheelbase. Like all the 1929 Advance Six cars it has an overhead valve six cylinder motor. This was the first year Nash offered "Twin Ignition". The system uses two ignition coils, triggered by two sets of ignition points. On the right side of the motor, six spark plugs are in the cylinder head. On the left side, six more spark plugs are in the engine block (two plugs per cylinder). The two sets of ignition points are synchronized to fire the 2 spark plugs in each cylinder, at the same time, giving a more complete burn of fuel in the cylinders and more power. The advantage can be seen in a simple test, by cutting power to one set of spark plugs and making a test ride, then restoring power and driving again. Under a load such as climbing a hill, is a good test of the advantage in twin ignition.
This 460 coupe has the optional disc wheels (seven lug) with a spare on back. It has a rumble seat, which came in both the 460 coupe and the 461 Cabriolet (convertible coupe). Neither models were made with a trunk in place of a rumble seat, however that was an option in the 1929 Special Six series coupes. See my other photos under the 1929 listing for photos of the Cabriolet body type.

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