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1929 Nash, Model 460, Advance Six, Serial number 476132, Gary DeYoung, Florida

This model 460 coupe has the "Royal" options package, dual sidemounts, full width rear bumper and Nash luggage rack on back.
The wire wheels are seven lug and share the same brake drums as the seven lug disc wheels and the seven lug 12 spoke wood wheels, all of which were optional at extra cost.
The 460 coupes all had a rumble seat and like the 461 Cabriolets, were covered in leather. Because the 461 Cabriolets were "open cars" the driver's seats were also all covered in leather. However, the 460 coupes had mohair or broadcloth driver's seats unless the optional leather was purchased, as is the case with this car. See my other photos under the 1929 listing for another 460 coupe, but without the dual sidemounts, also photos of the 461 Cabriolets.
Serial numbers for the 1929 Nash Advance Six series began with # 452100 and ended with # 496399. There were 44,299 Advance Six's built in 1929, of various body types. These cars were offered for export and many were shippped overseas. Some were built with right hand steering as needed for export.

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