Applying 1929 Wheel Treatment.

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For the MOL
As you can see from the pics I have completed the stripes on the artillery wheel spokes. I managed to
get the exact measurements from the originals after scraping off some old paint.. I then went to a
advertising guy I know and he made 4 self adeshing plastic sheets. The only thing required is the
outer diameter where the woodspoke ends, and the inner diameter by the hub.( 2 mm clearence is
necessary at either side) Then the number of spokes, size of the stripe, and where the stripe starts.
The rest is sorted out by the computer. I then had the wheel base color done. When attaching the
sheets its important to get the first one right and the rest will fit in by itself. Mask the surrounding
areas, sand down the stripe areas very lightly (sanding rag) end spraypaint the stripes. Maybe
some people like to do this the old way, but if somebody are interested please contact me and I can
make the necessary arrangements.

See a photo of my car below!

Kjell Jarle Gjerde

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