1926 Nash, Model 236?

This Nash was converted to a tractor in Sweden, after the second world war.

Its restoration is being contemplated by possibly a new owner.The reason
the car has been so abused is that in the 40's after the war, there was a big shortage
of farming equipment, especially tractors in Sweden.
Therefor a new law was passed that you could convert a car to a tractor by shortening
the frame, removing the suspension from the rear axle by welding the axle to the frame
and installing a 2nd gearbox locked in 1st to change the final ratio to be more
tractorlike. That's what happened to a lot of the 20's and 30's cars here since they
were "so old and ugly anyway" in those days.

The mice had a nice home inside the valve cover.
I'm gathering parts and information for this cars Restoration.

Owned by Andreas Abrahamsson #9727

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