1925 Nash Advanced Six

view Before Restoration Photo.

1925 4 door Touring

Model 161, Advanced Sx.

Colors -

Nash Blue:Duco #2443467

Black: Duco #2441012

Hood Upper - Hood Nash Blue

Lower - Nash Blue

Hood Moulding - Black

Lower Body - Nash Blue

Body Moulding - Black

Aprons-Fenders - Black Enamel

Disc Wheel - Outer - Black

Disc Wheel - Center - Nash Blue

Disc Wheel - Inner - Black

Gold pin striping approx 1/2" below hood and body moulding encircling the car.

Also gold pin striping between black and Nash blue colors of disc wheels.

The colors for the touring were taken from original paint remnants

on the car and descriptions in the 1925 sales catalogs.

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