1921 NASH

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1921 Nash, Model 681, 5 passenger Touring.

Owned By,

Harriet and Joe Rein # 5160.

One interesting fact to note is that I have the original bill of sale. It shows that the
purchase price of the car was $1828 and the price included a charge of $28 for front and rear
bumpers and $15 for a Johnson Lock which I think refers to the built-in lock at the base of the
gear shift. The serial number number according to the bill of sale is 186481.
Another interesting fact is that the car was originally purchased by my grandfather,
so it has been in our family for eighty-one years. I bought the car from my grandmother in
1946, after it had been on blocks in a garage for almost 20 years. The total mileage on the car is 41k.
I completely restored it in 1946 prior to going back to college.
This was after I got out of the Navy in WWII.

Joe Rein #5160

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