1936 Nash LaFayette.

This Coupe was being restored by Junior Bartles, a former Member from Illinois, and he brought it to one of the shows in Kenosha WI.

Mr Bartles had this listed as a 3612, LaFayette Business Coupe.

'36 La Fayette with the first series grille. The grille was made of stamped steel, as opposed to a cast pewter grille of the second series. This grille was made up of two sections, the lower long part, and the section on top which supported the ornament.This ornament was an elaborate L and F in a circle with "wings" towards the back, very much duplicating the circle and wings on the hood side covers. It also had as its "foot" a ring into which the radiator cap fitted. You could thus check your radiator water without opening the bonnet. The conversion, to change from first to second series, therefore also contained a radiator, as on the second series the filler neck sat on the side under the bonnet.

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