1936 Nash 400.

  I reconfirmed the Serial # (on a plate located on the right side of the frame as you indicated) as C-17388.  I reexamined the plate on the engine and found that the Motor # is actually CL-16888.   After examining the right side of the cowl closely, I found four small holes where the data plate was apparently located.  I checked the wheel base and it is 113 " which indicates LaFayette rather than "400".  From the web-site pictures, the hood ornament is Nash, not LaFayette, also, the emblems both front & rear say Nash.

 Scott Stanfield #8071

Scott, I'm please to inform you that you have a "Nash 400" with the correct hood ornament.  Your 400 seems to be in fairly good condition as well.  Please keep me up to date with your restoration.

Stay in touch and good luck,

Steve Meisner #5610

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