1935 NASH Ambassador

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Here are the the "Dynamite Sisters"!

The B & W snap was taken of my first set of wheels, a
3520, in June of 1950. To a 16 year old, it was like a Rolls
Royce! I did overpay for it really, I paid $40.00 for it.
Its name became "Dynamite", when I blew the engine up.
I rebuilt it, & I treated it a lot kinder after that!.

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1935 Nash Ambassador, Mdl 3520.

"Dynamite II" , is also a 3520, & a near twin to "Dynamite 1",
this photo was taken at our 2002 Grandnashional in Racine. Rev Milhones fine 36 "400" is beside her.

Previously Owned, and Restored By,

Eric O. Nelson jr. NCCA # 4290

Currently owned by Tom Creecy #9254.

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