1946 NASH Ambassador.

1946 Nash Ambassador Super Slipstream model 4668.
Colour now and currently stratos blue. Leather seats and leather cloth ceiling.

Being a very low built model arrived crated very soon after World War 2 finished.
Cars were in massive demand and no time to properly convert to right hand drive.
(told to me by 2 very elderly men who worked on the job at the Adelaide Agent for
Nash, Maughan Thiem Motors)
So a large hole was cut in the floor on the right side and the steering wheel and
gear change lifted straight across. The hole left behind on the orginal side had
a plate welded over it. Around the new fitting gaps were filled in with 3 cut to
shape plates held in place with self tapping screws. (complicated shapes where
the clutch and brake pedals go though the floor). The 47 & 48 models arrived
knocked down and were re assembled. Rest of the car axactly as it arrived.
From this it meant the gear change was on the wrong side of the steering column
at the time, also Hudson.

Ambassadors were bought mostly by Racing Bookmakers. Accountants and Professional
people. Started early as an accountants car then bought by a motor dealer who loved
& had many Nash cars. Used for many years travelling over long distances and speedo
shows 136,000 miles but do not know how many times it went around. Found it sitting
under a gum tree fully complete down to the cigar lighter but rusting and rotting away.
Stood silent for 31 years. $900 exchange and keys were handed to me next day.

The most interesting story the last owner told me went like this. The Nash rides
beautifully, not like the Buick whch never stoped floating all the way on its 4 coils
and when you stopped it took half an hour to settle down on its floating ! I used to
point to lady on the bonnet to wherever I was going and & she just went any speed I
He told me time and again he drove from Adelaide to Broken Hill with a fully laden
trailer on an unsealed dirt road distance of over 360 miles in 6 hours.
That is hard to achieve in a a modern car with sealed road because I tried it to
compare recently.

Owned By,

Bill Harris #6556.

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