1955 NASH Rambler In Sweden.

Both cars owned by Karl-Erik Willander #8048

This photo is from Arkösund just 50 meters from where Karl-Erik and his family live. The caravan is made in 1963 in Örebro and it´s an SMV caravan (really a very popular caravan). The Ramblers have the same kind of engine, 90 hp 6 cylinder side valve motor. They have gone less than 10000 swedish miles before restoration. (I think about 59000 miles) The Hudsons motor was in a very very bad condition and so was the body. The Nash engine was a bit better but its body was very rusty. But both cars were in a very good inner condition. Their upholsterings were almost as new. But Karl-Erik and his wife gave them new inner roofs. All inner metal parts, panels and so on have the original color, never repainted. In the background you can see his Hudson Rambler also from in 1955. Both of them were in a terrible condition when Karl-Erik got them four or five years ago.

By Nils-Henrik Sikstrom NCCA #8047, Sweden

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