Before Restoration.......

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1929 Nash Model 422.

I am sending a picture of my Nash 1929 - Model 422 -
First Registered in Victoria, Australia 6th May 1932.

It was registered as a 2 seater Nash Coupe, 1929 - 6 cylinder,
Green Grey, Grey wheels 23 hp, 24 cwt.

It had a few different owners before my parents bought it in
April 1949 and it has stayed in the family ever since.

Now handed down to me, it will need a full restoration, but I
hope it will be back on the road one day.

I would be interested to hear from any other owners of this exact
same model.

Sandra Rickards

After Restoration.......

It won "Vintage Car of the Year 2009" and "Vehicle of the Year 2009" at our car club.

Sandra Rickards

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