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1948 Nash Pickup Conversion

This is a story about an elderly couple and their 1948 Nash pickup.

These nice people live on a little farm in eastern Oregon. It was only by chance that I met them. I was driving down the freeway passing through a town on the Oregon/Idaho border and I happened to glance over and saw a Nash pickup driving on the service road! I was fairly certain that Nash never made any pickups for sale, so I drove home while my curiousity started building about this. (I found out from Jim Bracewell that Nash did make a few pickups for factory use, but not for sale).

Well, this week I drove back over to the town in Oregon and started asking around at garages until I finally found a man who had heard of the Nash pickup and told me to call a guy who knew the owner. So I did and got directions to their farm. I drove about 15 miles to a little farm town and then on to the farm and their modest little farm house. (on the way I saw 2 Crosleys, a nice 48 Studebaker and several 40's and 50's pickups).

I introduced myself to a very elderly couple who were working on a Model T truck chassis and told them of my interest in their Nash pickup. They cordially invited me to look it over and backed it out of the carport for me to take some pictures. It turns out this gentleman made the pickup from a 1948 Nash Ambassador many years ago. It now has over 200,000 miles on the original engine and is their only vehicle. They drive this car every day for everyday use. "The best car I ever had, and it just loafs at 60 mph", he told me. She said "it rides nicer than most cars".

The construction on the pickup was quite nicely done, with a nice interior, built in storage compartment and other features. The bed was taken from another old pickup of some kind. It has the original OHV six and 3 speed/overdrive. If you look on the tailgate, you can see he has welded "1948 Nash" onto it.

They live on perhaps 10 acres of hilly pasture, filled with dozens of 20's, 30's, and 40's pickups, dozens of old tractors, lots of old cars, including a 1948 Ambassador (a spare), Hudsons, Studebakers, a couple of Willys, and many more. They have a number of old trucks and pickups that they have restored, including a 1923 Yellow Knight, of which only a handful are known to exist. They have a 1926 Dodge 1 ton pickup restored, a nice Overland sedan, a nice International pickup from the 20's and several others. But their only driver and the family vehicle is the Nash pickup.

As I walked through the fields looking at all the ancient cars and trucks owned by the old couple, it was like a time warp. Not many places and not many people like this left in America.

Quintin Johnson - quintj@worldnet.att.net

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