1930 Nash(?)

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When I was down in Chile last

November there was a Nash on the tour.

This rally was approx. 600 miles and about 80% of it was on gravel roads.

Believe me when I say these guys drive the hell out of their cars.

There were two guys in the Nash and one lookled like Robert

Redford. I think they enjoyed the rally more than any of the

other participants. They NEVER put the top up and the passenger

was generally standing up!!

Real hearty guys.

As you will note they are in dire need of some hub caps.

I promised them I would look for some hub caps for them.

Can you offer any assistance?

Before running an ad for the hub caps I wonder if you can

confirm for me the year and model of the Nash for which they

are to be used.

Also can you tell me if these caps were used on other models?

I was pretty sure the owner told me it was a

1930 but I want to be positive before I run an ad.

Thanking you in advance for your assistance.

Cordially, Richard Quinn - rtq11@home.com

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