Lovejoy Shock.

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A couple Comments regarding Lovejoy Shock Maintenance & Seal Replacement.
To take the shocks apart; The bolt securing the lever shaft is against the housing after the cover is
removed; So you can't get a wrench in there. The trick is to compress the plunger and spring with a
"C" clamp (per the photo). Then a wrench can be inserted to remove the bolt.
Replace the shaft seal (CR Chicago Rawhide # 8660). Removal of the old leather seal is a little
difficult. I cut the lip of the seal with a die grinder to nearly the OD. Then persuaded it with a
screw driver & hammer.

The "C" clamp must be used again to get the shaft bolt tight again. The shock cannot be compressed with
the end plate off unless you straighten the plunger a little with a screw driver. Then the shock
can be compressed and the end plate reinstalled.

Each shock will take 6 fl oz of fluid. I used hydraulic jack oil

I bought Shock/Snubber Belt (for the rear shocks) from
Restoration Supply Co. 1-1/4" x3/16" Item CLO029

PF Thompson

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