From Ann Hulme.

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This vehicle was coach built by my Father/s company the

Panelcraft Sheet Metal Co of Woodgate Birmingham UK.

I have all the production photographs and an original brochure.

Also a photo of myself in the first car off the production line.

This vehicle registration PET 1 was given to Petula Clark by Donald Healy.

Hope this is of interest.

Ann Hulme

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From "Radshape" and Matthew Bailey

Dear Jim and Dorothy,
The Chairman of the company I work for in England, Radshape,
recently asked me to try and find a good photo of a Nash Healey,
as he used to work producing the body panels at Panelcraft in
Birmingham (see attached photo).

By good fortune, I stumbled across a photo submitted to your
website by Ann Hulme, and the caption says that Panelcraft
was her father's company. The photo is taken at Panelcraft, as
is the one attached.

John, our Chairman, has no recollection of anyone called Hulme
working there but would very much like to contact Ann and
inquire after her father. If you could be of any assistance in
this matter it would be greatly appreciated. I hope you like the photo, too!


Matthew Bailey