The Honor Club

Above Pin, recently purchased and by Member Morrie Shaw NCCA #4099

Looking through the Club Library collection, I came across the following info [1953 I think];
It's in a small booklet about 6x4 inches.

Retail salesman, employed by a Nash Dealer, and and individual without a financial ownership
in the dealership. [up to 5% financial interest allowed].

1 point for each used car, 2 points for each new car, "50 Car Club" needs 100 Honor Club
points. Points are only for a calendar year, no carry-over.

Gold lapel pin with a full cut diamond, each year you continue to qualify a diamond will be
added to your Honor Club Emblem [Trading in your previous emblem for another] For
the eleventh year, a "suitable larger diamond will be placed in the emblem and all
smaller diamonds removed."

David Siringer #6052 NCCA Librarian

These two pins are photos of pins submitted by page visitors and not the pins described by the members below.

The honor club is something Nash/ AMC came up with to honor their salesman.

The Honor Club was a way for Nash to recoginize their top salesmen in each zone. My father sold Nash for Harford Nash Sales in Aberdeen, Maryland which was in the Washington zone. He was the top salesman for quite a few years. He had a pin with the '02 Rambler in the center. Each year he met or exceeded the dealership sales quota as one of the leading salesman, Nash would add a diamond to the pin. His pin was filled and had an extra attachment (I believe they refered to it as a bracket) with 4 additional diamonds. His also had 4 rubies. The rubies were added each time he was president of the Honor Club. The president was the zone's top overall salesman.

The bottom card is the 100 car club. The top is a business card when my father was the second leading salesman in the Washington zone. The little stars around the outside is where the diamonds and rubies were set. Nash mounted them when you sent the pin back.

Bob Wilmoth #1383 -

My father was a salesman for William's Motors in Covington KY from 1951 till they closed in 1971 [AMC wanted to move to the suburbs & out of downtown] he went to work for a Ford dealership & took a lot of his repeat customers with him. AMC lost all dealerships in northern KY if you wanted an AMC you had to go to Cin. Oh.

Blaine Boutwell #8376

Very interesting info on the pins. I've not seen the early style before. The later Nash crest style pin does turn up occasionally. Also I have some Nash publications that listed the salesman award winners. One more item, I think that the large silk banners were also given out as sales awards, perhaps these went to the dealerships themselves, I have one from 1948 and another from 1951.

Brent Havekost #3348

Just an additional note regarding Honor Club items:

I have a desk set that includes a wind-up alarm clock and two pen-holders all mounted together on a felt-padded brass base with the words "'55 Sales Honor Club" and the Nash name in '50's style script engraved on the base. I found this piece at a small new & used store in Burlington, Wash. a number of years ago. Perhaps other members have similar items; I have never seen a pin like those described in the recent messages regarding the Honor Club, but have long wondered what else might be out there. Perhaps there were annual awards like this clock plus the diamonds added to the pins. Does anybody out there know?

Gerald "Jerry" Knutsen #1559 Seattle, WA

One other item we've found that was given as an award, was a silver plated serving
tray, engraved with the Nash Honor Club logo, and its recipient. These trays with
engraving do not photograph well, so none are shown here, but several have been located.

Another item recently found is;
An electric clock made by Seth Thomas... Mahogany wood body with brass detailing.
Measures 9.5" wide x 4.25" tall x 2.25" deep.

There's a plaque on top of the clock that reads as follows:

Nash Honor Award
Show 'em and Sell 'em CAMPAIGN
June 11 - August 10 1949

I've also attached a photograph of a similar clock I found online..

honor-club_clock.jpg - 17225 Bytes

Please let me know if anybody has further information on these clocks or Mr. Kostenbader.

Nathan Manning

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