Property of, City of Glendale AZ
1917 Nash Fire Truck.

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Hi Jim,
My name is Patty Frey and my husband Ray has been e-mailing you about the
1917 Nash Fire Truck that the fire department I work for owns.
Unfortunately I do not have a lot of information on the history of the Nash.
I do know that it is a Peter Pirsh-built Nash chemical and hose wagon.
Our department purchased it new in 1917.
It was our department's first motorized fire apparatus.
There is a plate on the dash that reads the following:
Model #3017
Truck # 98745
Max. Speed 16 mph.
The normal freight load capacity is 4000 lbs.,
The nomal body weight allowance is 1050 lbs.,
The normal weight of the chassis is 3850 lbs.,
And total weight of the chassis, body & load is not to exceed 8900 lbs.
The bottom of the plate reads, "The Nash Motors Company".
It is 2 wheel drive with solid rubber tires.
We are in the process of repairing the vehicle and do understand that we need
to keep the historical value in mind.
When we get it running again we will be getting it appraised and properly insured.
More than likely there will be a general order or department policy on who is allowed to drive,
touch, or work on the Nash. If it were possible, and we had some lobby
space, we would showcase it year-round for citizens that come by to enjoy,
instead of keeping it on a trailer in one of our station apparatus bays collecting dust.
I do know that the starter is bad and I was told that the last time it ran the engine made a terrible noise.
We do not want to try to start it if this would cause further damage to the
engine. So you see our concern. We will definitely do what is right to keep the value of such a
valued member of our department.

If any members get to the Phoenix area, (I am sure some are Arizona snow birds)they are more
than welcome to give me a call or e-mail me when they will be in town and I can meet them
at the station that we house our Nash. I wlll keep you updated on our repair progress.
We have decided that one way or the other the Nash will be in our 20th Annual Fire Prevention
Parade on October 5th. This might mean transporting it in the parade on a large flat bed trailer
with all of our original volunteer firemen and our retirees accompanying it.
We would much rather see it under it own power, but we do not want to comprimise its value or
rush any work that needs to be done.

Thanks for all of you insight, knowledge and help.
Please keep in contact.
my e-mail address is

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