Photograph by Gordon Coster.

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I was in a post card store in Amsterdam, and tripped over this.

The wording on the back is:

Photograph by Gordon Coster

Ned Foss #3251

The "flying lady" was the creation of pinup artist George Petty of Esquire fame.
He created several different versions for Nash from the 40's to the last one in 1955.
The only one I don't think he created was the kneeling lady used on the 52 Nash. It's the only
one not wearing the Petty signature. I bought an interesting book about his life on the bargain
rack at Barnes and Noble bookstore. Often times the girl posing for these sculptures was his daughter.

Mark Lehman #777

This photo of George with the model, was run in Cars and Parts several years ago.
It was the first time most of us had seen it.

Below is a messages from Rich Bryant, who has an interest in the works of
George Petty the designer of the Petty Girl hood Ornaments used on Nash's.

I've done extensive research on George Petty and now have an extensive collection of his works
(no originals). I've even visited the Louis K. Meisel Gallery in NY to have Lou himself
show my wife and I his private collection of Petty originals. The 2 hood ornaments I'm
familiar with are shown in the Petty book by Reid S. Austin, and of course I'm wondering
if there are more.
As far as the other Petty hood ornaments, I've managed to get my hands on 3 unique designs.
The first one is the girl where her arms look like wings. The other two have the same girl
with her arms crossed and her head resting on her hands. The "wings" that her arms are resting
on have two different designs. One design has the wings kinda squared off with sharp corners
and the other is more rounded.
Over the course of this search for knowledge of Petty, I have to admit I've actually developed
a little bit of admiration for the old Nash autos. All cars stand as an icon to their era.
Such things as styling, engineering, performance, reliability, etc. The inginuity of the Nash,
like the fold-out bed and the gas cap under the taillight, stand out particularly in my mind.
Maybe someday I'd like to own one.

Rich Bryant

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