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Dear Jim:
I own a Nash car believed 1921. It is a four door convertible,
very similar to Model 681, appeared in photo gallery with ref.
NCCA 5941 (1921) and ref NCCA 2408 (1919).
SERIAL : R 205149
ENGINE : 205089
I am including as attached some photos. I will appreciate your comments after you have a looked them.
I do not know if the wheels are original, because all NASH cars
I have seen on the web page have either wooden or solid steel ones.
The interior instruments probably are from a Willys jeep.
The front brakes are drums with interior shoe pads, while the
rear are drums with a band around the exterior.
Are they original ?
I would like to know, if with this information you can help me
to identify the car, if it is possible to find a shop manual
and any other book or related information.
I will be expecting your comments.

Best regards,

Patricio Cuesta

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