A Unique 1938 Nash seen in a New Zealand Museum.

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While in NZ on holiday recently, I visited the Southward car museum which is about 30 miles
north of the capital, Wellington. It is a very good museum with about 250 cars starting with a 1895
Benz and including two Nash's. One in particular is interesting as it is a 1938 with a producer gas
canister on the left running board (see photo). Evidently in NZ during the war gasoline was in short
supply and many cars were converted to run on producer gas. The gas was generated through air being
drawn through the canister with slow combustion of materials like charcoal or coal/coke. I think the
car is a Lafayette but I'm not sure. There was also a Metropolitan there. Great museum for members
to visit if they are in New Zealand on vacation.

Ian Rees #8693

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