1932 Nash.

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Model 1093 - Convertible Sedan - 4 Door..

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Advanced Eight - Twin Ignition.

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I am restoring a 1932 1090 convertible sedan and I want to do a very nice and very authentic job on it.
I think that this is a great car and worthy of recognition at major concours and shows.
We have the body off the frame and will do a total restoration. This is my first Nash and I wondered if
there are any more of these cars that I can get photos of, if there are any period or factory photos
available and if there is anyone who is a technical expert on these cars. Also does anyone
reproduce parts like the rear axle gears or parking light lenses for this car? Any help you can give me
would be wonderful.


Dave Mitchell
419 W Pearl St
Geneseo, IL 61254
309 944 0774

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