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I have tried to translate them in english, so that thei're more interesting to read :)

Nash 1931 ad:

"New: One Six- and three Eight -cylinder models.

ADVANCED-EIGHT: the most powerful model Nash has ever produced. Power of the engine; 115hp.
Imposing appearance, tall and pleasant, and cheaper than previous model.

SPECIAL-EIGHT: a bit smaller compared to the model above. Offers the same features than the
bigger model but at a smaller size and price.

STANDARD-EIGHT: all conveniences that an Eight-cylinder model can offer, but at a smallest price.

STANDARD-SIX: the cheapest model Nash has ever produced. Quality, cosiness, driveability,
endurance, reliability and appearance is all Nash, but the price is surprisingly low".

27fnlndt.jpg - 1986 BytesClick here to View the 1927 Nash Ad.
I thought you might be interested to see two old Nash ad's.
I scanned them from old Finnish magazines.
The first one is from 1927 and second from 1931.

Raul Valkila


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