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Hi -
I am in Hong Kong and am on the General Committee of the Classic Car Club, and am
past-chairman of the Racing Section.

A friend here has had a Vintage car that he was given years ago; he is leaving HK and wishes
to bequeath the car to me. The name on the front bumper is Hash and the car is understood to be
a 1929 Nash, but no more is known of it.

There is a body plate under the bonnet (hood) with the identification:

Manufactured by
Sealman Body Corporation
Milwaukee, Wis
Body Number 420-28116

This is a body plate rather than a chassis number that I am more used to with British cars.
I can see no other identifications.
The engine is out of the car and in pieces, and currently placed in a storage location; I have
not seen if there is an engine number or casting numbers, nor yet been able to check elsewhere.
Overall, the car is in good condition and complete including the dashboard and instruments,
even side an rear window blinds, except for the radiator mascot / thermometer (?) and one headlamp
glass. The steering is right-hand (i.e. British side rather than American side).
I know there are a couple of modifications from original, but these are details - the fuel
pump is electric (British SU) and the coil is a LUCAS (British) item, both of which I am
sure are not original.

I sent an email to Tom (Wade) the other day advising that I was making progress and seeking
confirmation of the year (1929) based on the engine number I have now identified (188017).
I am hoping that this will specifically identify the car.

Interestingly, whilst the body plate says it is a 420, the look is very much like the 1929 Standard
Six Landay Saloon onm the website, and owned by Phelps Boyce and Larry Delangis: what I
(we English) call a 4-door, 6-light (windows) saloon (sedan).
I am seeking a Parts Book via New Zealand - but have already made good strides in identifying
and cataloguing the engine parts, and preparing an action plan for the rebuild of the car.
I look forward to hearing from you guys, soonest.

Many thanks,
Richard J. Hawkins
Decorum Management Inc.
Email: rhawkins@decorumasia.com
alternate: rhawkins@netvigator.com
Tel 2833 6734; Fax 2591 6470; mobile 9354 0457 Country Code 852 for all.

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