1925 or 26 Nash converted to a Pickup, in Australia.

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1925 or 26 Nash?

Hello Nash car club I am from central Victoria Austraila.
I have managed to get my hands on a 1926 Nash (i think) the car started out
a Touring but sadly it has had the rear of the car removed from behind the
front seat back and turned into a pick up.
I was wondering if you could help me identify it.
The numbers i have found on the car are as follows

The Fire wall 18110

Motor number 9239

Diff no 59188 with a ratio of 4 8/9 to 1

Chassis number 59??? The badge has started to rust away

I do plan to get it back on the road but I think i will probably hot rod it
depending on how much they are worth in original condition Because there is
alot of work to be done to get it back there.
The one thing the car had going for it was that it had all the steel panels there.

Thank again

Rod Hartnett

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