1926 Nash

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Hi Jim,

I have to tell you that the reconstruction of my 1926 Nash, has begun.
I purchased a motor, there in the US. I'm working heavy in this project.
I have a question; did my car have a front bumper or did it come without one.
I need some help from you, I'd like to identify my car, and I have
some numbers I can give you.

The Numbers are:

- The motor number is stamped on the block, not in a plate, and the number is 61187

- I have found a number stamped in the wood of the fire wall, and the number is something like PF-7545-1 OR DF-7545-1, but I'm not sure if it's complete because the wood is pretty bad.

I can't find any other number in the car.
After we can identify the car, I need some parts, maybe the club can help me track them down.

This is a rough draft of what I'm going to need:
- 1 Ignition Coil 6Volts.
- 12 Spark plugs
- 2 Distributor cap
- 2 Distributor rotor
- 2 Spark plug wires set
- 2 Contact points
- 2 Condensers
- 1 Complete motor gasket kit
- 3 Wheel hub caps ( I attached a photo of 1 that I have)
- 1 Piston rings set

Thank you very much for your help,


Sebastian Valls 9001
Guatemala, Central America

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Sebastian Valls, #9001

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