1926 Nash, model 235.

26_235-9429.jpg - 26150 Bytes

Hi Jim, As promised I said I would send you a photo of the car. The model is a 235, the body # is 8127-37 (by Seaman).
We have had very little luck in finding anything out about this model, other than it was built only in 1926 & 1927.
Our Nash is a 1926. We are assuming it is pretty rare as we are unable to find anything on it, also looking through
the Roster nobody has a model 235. Any info you can share with us on this car would be great. I guess sharing my
request with other members would also be good.

Once again thanks for the help, we are looking forward to starting the restoration.
Becky & Dan Markel NCCA# 9429

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