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1924(?) 4 Cylinder, Model 46(?) Nash.

Plate on Frame - 48803

Plate on Firewall - 7093-27

# on Block - 39117B

We have a 1923 (we think) Nash 2 door coupe. It is unrestored
and it has all it's parts with the exception of a part of the
headlight casing. We need to sell it, but have no idea how
to find out how much it is worth or how to sell it when we do
put a value on it. We drove it several times before we
blocked it up and put it in storage about 15 years ago. We have
searched high and low and can not find another one like it.
The 4 door coupe is the most comparable one we have found. It
looks alot like it, only with 2 extra doors. I'm not sure
another one like this exists.

Thank you for your response regarding our Nash. I tried to
obtain all the information you requested. I apologize for taking
so long to get back with you, but we had to pull the car out
of the garage in order to take pictures. The number on the
frame was found on the driver's side intstead of the passenger's side.
I'm not sure if that makes a difference. These
pictures may take quite some time to load. Please let me know
if you have any difficulties. Here are the numbers you requested:

Plate on Frame 48803
Plate on Firewall 7093-27
# on Block 39117B

There is a distinquishing symbol on the block that you should be
able to see in pucture number 20. We tried to take pictures
of all the areas where any important numbers were located.
Thank you again for you help. Our phone number is 972-617-9275
if you prefer to contact us by phone.
We have alot of pictures that we have taken, will try to send a few at a time.




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